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Design Lampe „Cirrata“ by Markus Johansson


Design Lampe „Cirrata“ by Markus Johansson

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Sensationelle exklusive Design Tisch Lampe in grau – designed by Markus Johansson, Sweden.

Farbe: grau / Sand painted grey
Höhe 44 cm | Ø oben 20,5 cm Ø unten 23,5 cm | Textil Stromkabel länge 180 cm
Material: Aluminium
Leuchtmittel: Inklusive LED | 16*0,2W / LED, 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Ein Einzelstück in unsern Shop.

Über den Designer:
Markus Johansson design studio (Sweden)
 are working in segments of products, furniture, graphic and interior design. The inspiration comes from various environments stretching from the human to the artefact, through analysing and processes. The vision is to combine construction, function and form to enrich the everyday experience. Environmental thinking is of course important, but shouldn’t hinder creativity.

“For me, design is about conveying an emotion that affects human Life and enhance everyday life. Since I was a little kid, I always felt a great energy and desire to create. When I grew up I used to commu- nicate using pictures and by drawing, shaping and coloring. After six years of studying furniture and product design at various schools, I am now working as a designer in different segments as products, interior, graphic and furniture.”

Oblure is the union between the words object and allure, which is the core of the brand – to make alluring objects. The brand is founded and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We produce, market and sell lighting products and objects in collaboration with internationally known designers. Our vision is to offer products with a great deal of character to a worldwide community of design lovers.

Our goal is to create unique objects that intrigue and surprise the beholder. Oblure aim to lead the way forward with innovations and original products. Oblure was born from the desire to preserve the designers feeling for the objects in the transformation from sketch to drawing and from drawing to the final product. Design is about the interplay between form and function, which well balanced, will result in a strong feeling and sometimes even love for objects.

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